The Blue Rose

Título original: The Blue Rose
Sinopsis El argumento es desconocido.
Comedia Drama
Antonia Prebble
Personaje: Jane March
13 Episodios
Siobhan Marshall
Personaje: Linda Frame
13 Episodios
Matt Minto
Personaje: Simon Frost
13 Episodios
Rajeev Varma
Personaje: Ganesh Nishad
13 Episodios
Jennifer Ludlam
Personaje: Sonya Whitwell
13 Episodios
James Trevena
Personaje: Charlie Bryson
13 Episodios
Anna Jullienne
Personaje: Krystle Wilkinson
13 Episodios
Stelios Yiakmis
Personaje: Derek Peterson
13 Episodios
When office temp Jane discovers that Rose, the PA she is replacing, died under mysterious circumstances, she joins forces with Rose's best friend Linda to get justice for Rose. Along the way, they find others who need their help, victims of fraud, theft and injustice, and soon Jane, Linda - and a team of unlikely co-workers - are taking on the corporate bullies, fighting for justice and using their unique powers for good.